Lifestyle! Lisbon Marathon

Hello dear readers,

Last Sunday my husband ran his first marathon. He had already ran three half-marathons and has been training for quite some time. I made him a sign with his name (huge success by the way) and me and his parents were there on Sunday to cheer him at the starting line and also, of course, at the finish line. The weather in Lisbon has been great, on Sunday it was quite a warm day for a marathon as it reached 27ºC. I’m so proud of him for setting his mind and being able to do the marathon. 42 kms is not a joke and on the week of his 30th birthday it had an extra special taste. Maybe one day he will run the Iron Man.. 🙂 who knows? I’m just very happy that he did this. Enjoy some pictures of the marathon between Cascais and Parque das Nações in Lisbon, the marathon journey is done by the shore and the sights are beautiful.
What about your experiences? Have you even ran a marathon? half-marathon? Do you know anyone who did? I did 10 kms from time to time and now I’m inspired to run again.

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8 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Lisbon Marathon

  1. Hi congrats and how great is your man because that are al ot of kmters ! My husband run 2 years ago one of 21 km in Trapani, one of the little islands of Sicily and I was proud like you were ! 🙂

  2. one thing about marathon..i feel like am a hamster….ooo i hate long distance…like when u gona end? why u run for ur life kinda thing…hehe…run is no no like for me..

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