Streetstyle Lisbon!

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday I went to IADE Creative University in Lisbon where I did my Licentiate Degree, Masters and also taught for a year before I started my PhD. I’ve never lived in Lisbon, my parents did thought and when they got married they moved to a city across the river Tagus called Almada (a bus/metro + a ten minute ferry ride from Lisbon. Being ‘gone’ from the Academic scene at my University since 2010 ( moving to UK for my PhD) it was great seeing everyone again and noticing positive changes to the ‘Prototyping space’ and ‘Photography space’. I was given a tour by my researcher/post doctoral friend and I managed to re-meet a lot of my professors, colleagues and staff that I missed. This University has been in my life since 2001 so I had plenty of wonderful memories. I hope this is not getting too melodramatic for you all!

Anyway, before my meeting at the University I killed some time walking around Terreiro do Paço and Chiado where I found these teenagers. I asked them to take a photo of them and they said yes, surprised as they were. They look amazing don’t they? I wonder how old they were. What do you think?

Streetstyle Lisbon


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