Lifestyle Syrus, Greece

Hello dear readers,

I’ve kept very busy since I got here at the island of Syrus, Greece. My intensive PhD program has been taking most of my day: from 9h to 20h. We have a three hours break between 13h and 16h. I managed to go swimming in the ‘sea’ with some of my ‘new’ colleagues and it feels great. In Portugal I’m used to beaches (Atlantic Ocean) with, waves, currents and a colder water. There is no sand, in the place, I go swimming. There are lots of rocks and rock formations, the water is salty, the sea is calm and of the deepest clearest blue you can imagine. We’ve been mostly having lectures and discussions with our professors but we started group work on our briefings yesterday.

I’ll leave you with some pictures! take a deep dive in the island as well!

DSCN4725 copy

DSCN4744 copy

DSCN4759 copy

DSCN4767 copy



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