Fashion Fad! Leg warmers

Hello dear readers,

I’m sure you all remember this huge fashion fad that was, the Leg Warmers. This accessory covers the lower legs and is usually footless and thicker than regular socks. They had its origins in the dance world. Dancers wore them to keep their leg muscles warm, they said it prevented cramping and injuries, but there is little scientific evidence of that. They are traditionally knitted and made of wool. Leg warmers became a fashion statement in the early 80’s among teenage girls but also boys in San Francisco, USA and before that they weren’t considered to be ‘fashion’, they were just fulfilling a function. In the 80’s they were wore with everything, even if you weren’t a dancer, they came in bright colours, fluorescent sometimes, pink, green and yellow. They wore them with mini-skirts, tights, dresses and jeans. But it soon wore off in the mid 80’s.




We can still find Leg warmers in fashion today, although they are used in a much demure way these days. Usually in grey, white or black, to complement an outfit. They come in different materials other than wool and are much more elegant.




WHat do you think of this fashion fad?? Do you wear leg warmers? Tell me all about it!!



Source: google images, wikipedia.

9 thoughts on “Fashion Fad! Leg warmers

      1. You know whats funny.. almost a year ago you had nominated me for the liebster award.. so i guess what goes around comes back around 😉 xx Hugs!

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