Fashion Talk! Sunglasses trends

Hello dear readers,

August ends next week but here in Portugal we still have a summer weather up until october sometimes. Today I went biking, I haven’t done it in a long long time. It was a lovely stroll from our friend’s house to the nearby beach and I was really rusty. Although scared at first I managed to overcome it and had a nice time with my friends!! It was a great saturday. So, as the sun is still around I decided to talk about the latest sunglasses trends.

Mirrored Shades: I’m sure you’ve seen them around. Rita Ora and Blake Lively are big fans of these. You can wear bright colours or the silver/metallic types.

Mirrored Sunglasses 1

Bling Shades: Sunglasses with jewelry on them, lots of gold and silvers. They work best if they are plain colour with some added bling.



Half frame shades: These are retro inspired glasses and are usually round and give you that special glamour.



Cat eye with bling: These ones give you a feline look. They are also retro inspired. If you want to go girly opt for the soft pastel colour, if you want an edgier look go for brown and black frames.




Round frame: If you have a squared shaped face, these are for you. They don’t suit everyone but they certainly evoke John Lennon.


house of holland oversize round frame sunglasses - sunglasses  eyewear - accessories - womens style -t12676

Heart-shaped frames: These remind me of kids glasses.They are suited for oval shaped faces. Become an instant Lolita with them, don’t forget the bright prints!



What is your favorite style? Which styles have you worn??



16 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Sunglasses trends

    1. I wear glasses can try contacts with them or get prescription sunglasses! My parents have them. I usually wear them with contacts but I can go about without them since my prescription isn’t too strong :)**

      1. Ahh I don’t think I’m very fond of contacts. I fear they might break or something worse will happen haha.. And prescription sunglasses are the worst. Mostly because I’m legally blind LOL. SO even if I did take them, I wouldn’t be able to take them off. My eyes are a pain! 😀

      2. Oh..I’m sorry to hear that. I started wearing contacts a while back and I was scared too. They make them super soft and you can hardly notice them. Ask your optometrist if it will suit you. If you have a high prescription you’ll feel liberated with contacts.. 🙂 I know I did 🙂 hugs darling**

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