Beauty! My new parfum! Kenzo Amour review

Hello dear readers,

How are you all feeling? I’m feeling good! I really love my new perfume I got at Harrods in London. I usually wear my all time favourite Halloween by El Pozo. I’ve started using it in high school and I never stopped. I’ve used other fragrances before like: Tommy Hillfinger, Flower by Kenzo, Lulu Blue, Anais Anais, Weekend. But they all seem to fall short. This summer I wanted something new. I went to Harrods with my husband and found some fragrances packs on sale. I needed to look for a smell that I liked. I already knew flower by Kenzo so I tried the Kenzo Amour. It smelled like sunscreen and the beach and it was amazing. I got it and now I wear it all the time.The smell is delicious and it so reminds me of summer time. The pack came with a body lotion and shower gel and they all smell amazing. The perfume is an elegant pink jar, it looks very cool on top of my cabinets. 48C98ED31BE39D8712153419104C05EFEB3630




Which fragrance is your summer favourite??

Let me know!!!!



P.S. This is not a sponsored post!!!


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