Lifestyle! At the Beach

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday I spent the day at the beach! As you may know, this was my second time this year. I usually go to a different beach but this one was more secluded and even more beautiful as its situated in the Arrábida Natural Park ( near where I live). Arrábida is the point where the mountains meet the sea and has given rise to a string of small, welcoming beaches with beautiful clear water. You can find out more about this beach here. I thought I’d share some photos with you. I also got a bikini last week, I really like it, it’s super cute.


This bikini is from the Cleo collection at Panache! I love their bras and bikinis and they always fit me so nicely. My bottom part is slightly different as I wanted a smaller one and its tie in. Super cute don’t you think? You can check out more here.

Now for some beach pictures!!!









Have fun at the beach if you can!!!!




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