Beauty! Ciaté caviar manicure DIY!

Hello dear readers,

Last thursday I tried the caviar manicure for the first time. This mini caviar manicure set from Ciaté was an offer from last month’s Marie Claire magazine. I was very excited to try it! The colour name was Cookies and Cream, which is a very cute name. The colour was a soft pastel beige. I followed their youtube video here for the DIY manicure.
I tried it and I would recommend to use a plate or a small tray underneath it so the small spheres of caviar don’t fall off. All and all, I liked the experience, although the manicure only lasted for the first day. On the second day the spheres started to fall off, and on the third day I hardly had any on my nails. I tend to pick on my nails, so that might had some influence.

How to do it:

1) First, remove all traces of nail polish.
2) Apply a layer of the base nail polish, in this case the Cookies and Cream nail polish.
3) Immediately after you apply the layer drop the caviar sphere on to the nail, make sure they cover all the nail, don’t worry about excess.
4) Press the caviar spheres slightly with your fingers.
5) Wait a couple of minutes and apply the transparent coat on top.
6) Allow to dry for about 20 to 25 minutes. Pressuring the spheres into the nail.

Here are some photos of the results!


DSCN4476 copy

DSCN4479 copy




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