Men’s blazers at the Henley Royal Regatta

Hello dear readers,

At the Henley Royal Regetta, this year it was the men making heads turn.
These blazers created a stroking palette of colours around the River Thames.
I think it’s a wonderful tradition, dating back to 174 years ago.
These blazers are passed down the generations of family, some of them don’t quite fit because they don’t share the same size and they refuse to try clean both the blazer and the tie saying it should follow the old age tradition of having stains as a ‘badge of honour’.

What do you think of this tradition? I think it’s quite fun, some of the blazers are elegant and some of them are a bit too much, but it’s only a day right? And they seem quite happy and proud to be wearing them.

Every Henley blazer tells a story










Source and photos Daily mail, Getty images and Vagner Vidal/INS News Agency Ltd.



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