Fashion Talk! Fluorescent & Black!

Hello dear readers,

Today is a good day! A holiday in Portugal actually, today is the day of Portugal, this date commemorates the death of national literary icon Luís de Camões on June, 10, 1580.
I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this national hero but he was pretty amazing.

Quoting wikipedia:
‘Camões wrote Os Lusíadas (usually translated as The Lusiads), Portugal’s national epic poem celebrating Portuguese history and achievements. The poem focuses mainly on the 16th-century Portuguese explorations, which brought fame and fortune to the country. The poem, considered one of the finest and most important works in Portuguese literature, became a symbol for the great feats of the Portuguese Empire.
Camões was an adventurer who lost one eye fighting in Ceuta, wrote the poem while traveling, and survived a shipwreck in Cochinchina (then a French colony; a region of present-day Vietnam). According to popular folklore, Camões saved his epic poem by swimming with one arm while keeping the other arm above water. Since his date of birth is unknown, his date of death is celebrated as Portugal’s National Day.
Although Camões became a symbol for Portugal nationalism, his death coincided with the Portuguese succession crisis of 1580 that eventually resulted in Philip II of Spain claiming the Portuguese throne. Portugal was then ruled by three generations of Spanish kings during the Iberian Union (1580–1640). On 1 December 1640, the country regained its independence once again by expelling the Spanish during the Portuguese Restoration War and making John of Bragança, King John IV of Portugal.’
There is a even a google doodle about it if your living in Portugal, which I’m not 😦


I’m going to London for a couple of days, so no posts for a bit. Stay tuned and participate on the Giveaway!!! I did a fluorescent and black look for today! hope you all enjoy it!

Fluorescent & Black

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania corset top, £155 / River Island skater skirt / Yves Saint Laurent black shoes, £480 / Yves Saint Laurent black handbag, £830 / Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry, £61 / Black earrings, £13 / Oakley , £83 / Marc by Marc Jacobs , £25



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