Fashion Talk! Ombré dress look!

Hello dear readers,

How have you all been? I’m in an excellent mood this week as the weather is improving and I can leave my heavier coat and home and leave the house with my light blazer and even feel a bit warm. Next week I’ll be going to London and I hear its Spring there, so that’s a nice change!!!! I can’t wait to put on my new dresses, of which i’ve only wore once or twice, and not even all of them. Because we’ve had like 3 good days of sun here.

Well, enough about the weather! How have you all been?? I’m loving this dress by dorothy perkins. I love the whole ombré trend and I was even considering dying my hair like that..but then I remembered my ‘hair dye’ redhead fiasco in college and I decided to stick with my natural dark brown color.

But more on my hair later!!!!

What do you think of this look???

The Ombré Look

Dorothy Perkins prom party dress, £45 / Chloé ballet shoes, £320 / Real leather handbag, £80 / Burberry colorful watch, £325 / Luv Aj , £53 / Kate Spade ring, £32 / Michael Kors pink gold jewelry, £49 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , £30




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