Fashion Talk! Pink and Orange!

Hello dear readers,

The weather is unfortunately playing humorous tricks on us, trying to makes us believe it is still winter. Shame on you weather!!!! In the meanwhile I’m dreaming of hot days, flamingos and palm trees. In a far far away land where one can sun bathe in the sand and enjoy some great cocktails by the sea shore.
What do you think of this look? I remember I wore a similar outfit when I was vacationing, I was 14 then. I think the colors and type of clothes I wore then are having a come back. What do you think? I believe its perfect for the beach, other then that I think it’s a bit too much for my daily use, since i like my shorts a little longer and my heels a little shorter lol. Also, you all know I’m a dress kind of gal right?? Still, lovely colors I think!!! 🙂

Pink and Orange

Topshop , £46 / Topshop hot shorts, £42 / Topshop high heel shoes, £82 / Accessorize colorblock handbag, £37 / People Tree stacking bangle, £6.73 / Victoria’s Secret victoria secret, £13 / Retro eyewear, £6.61




16 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Pink and Orange!

  1. That short does me thinking about something …….about when I was14 or 15 and my niece had one of these, yes awesome! Love all the items and Flamingos for me are hot 🙂 Ciao bella!

      1. I’ll ask my husband, maybe he forgot to tell me and I’ll double check that 🙂 If not, I’ll write to you just the same :)))) still loving our pen pal odyssey 🙂

      2. Honey no need to send me another letter! I’ll just write you now! 🙂 Maybe it’s still coming. I’m sending you an email with the address again..maybe there was a type. It happened to a friend of mine..**

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