Fashion Talk! Hairstyles – Braids

Hello dear readers,

I’m sure you all noticed the braids and plaits revival right? Probably due to tv shows such as Game of Thrones or the Hunger Games trilogy where the characters wear these hairstyles. Braids and plaits make us look romantic and feel girly, but there are ways to make them more wild and go for a festival look instead. This year’s styles are very much creative and turn braids into pieces of art in your head. Twists and fishtail brands are all the range for Spring/Summer 2013, and nothing says beach pretty like mini plaits on a wavy hair right?

Which ones are your favorites?? I personally love the loose fishtail braid on the last image, makes it a very ethereal look.












Image source: google images

20 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Hairstyles – Braids

  1. Love the hairsdos here! Will try some! I am running an awesome giveaway! You could win any item from one of my favorite online boutiques! I wish I could participate haha… Anyway, I thought you’d be interested, so I’m dropping the link here: Instant Milk giveaway
    I’m sure you’ll love it!

    Come by soon!


  2. I love braids, except I sort of feel uncomfortable in them. And moreover my short hair won’t permit me to try too lol. And we’re talking about fishtail braids and those hefty princess braids. So period.
    I shared a easy fishtail braid tutorial from Youtube. Its on my blog. You can watch it if you like. Its actually very easy. 🙂


    1. Hi darling!! I actually feel confortable in hair is long so they look cute. I’ve since a similar tutorial. I’ll try this today. I’m all thumbs for things like this..I’ll probably ask a friend 🙂 thanks for sharing**

  3. I was looking for some braids inspiration for a shoot and found your blog. Love the choice of pictures on this post. My favorite look is number 7 and 8,

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