Fashion Talk! Boohoo dresses!!!

Hello dear readers,

Today has been the loveliest day I had this Spring! It was sunny and it was warm and I red a book laying in the grass and the sun hit my face and I was wearing a summer dress and it was just the perfect afternoon! When it started to get a bit windy I decided to pack and head home. I didn’t even questioned if the dresses I’ve ordered from this saturday were there, I mean, it was too early.. I was expecting them friday or something. But, lucky me, they were there and I got home and tried them on and they all fitted and they were all so beautiful! Wow I’m a lucky girl who has a bit of a light sun burn in my knees! How cool is that? never got one in the UK!!! I love my dresses!!!!! I never had a tutu dress before, its so beautiful and the skater dress with the monotone is perfect and the fabric is great! The black and white dress is very elegant too and the peter pan neon collar dress is super cute!

Tell me what you think!!

Boohoo dresses!




11 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Boohoo dresses!!!

    1. It’s actually dark blue 🙂 but it looks black in the pic! The black and white is lovely! Order then! I don’t mind you having the same dresses as me 😛 hihihi

      1. That’d be absolutely lovely, wouldn’t it? My parents are always screaming because my closet is over-loaded, yet I can’t find that perfect outfit to wear at a particular place! haha I’m currently hibernating! Resisting my sweet-tooth! 😀

Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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