Review! Earthnicity Makeup! Part II

Hello dear readers,

Today has been a great day!! I went for a nice walk from the University to the city center and the weather was good!! It was a lovely walk and I took some nice pictures and was listening to music! A terrific saturday indeed! I even got to town when the shops were open and I got myself some weekend shopping!!! I totally deserved it walking 4.3 miles!
I have been trying out the Earthnicity makeup that I was sent to review. All in all I’m quite happy with it and it’s great to know it’s not only good for you but also to the environment. Check out their website here and for part one of this review here.







The samples were a bit tiny to put the brush in and being a bit of a klutz I made a mess of my sink and got it on my hair. Once you get the hang of the powder its fine. The foundation is just right for my skin tone, its Natural Light. Then I applied the blush is has a very rich color and you don’t need to add much, just a pinch, unless you wanna look like a baby doll lol. I used the HD Powder which i found to have a really nice glow to highlight and I liked it! They send some eyeshadow colors like Candyfloss, Lavender, Gunmetal and Lagoon. Since I was wearing a pastel green sweater I used the Lagoon eyeshadow and then applied my mascara and eyeliner from Max Factor. I used the Revlon Sweet Tart lipstick as well.
Here is the complete look!!
Hope you enjoy it! I would recommend Earthnicity if your easy with the brush and like rich pigments.

DSCN4242 1


See ya!!


52 thoughts on “Review! Earthnicity Makeup! Part II

  1. I got a similar product package and I spilled the stuff everywhere too. It gets messy!

    Why the blurry pic? hehe I want to see the effect!

  2. Your eyes are gorgeous and you are as well! 🙂 These look really nice and pigmented 🙂

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