Fashion Talk! Trend: White

Hello dear readers,

I can finally say that Spring has arrived for me. Of course I had to go to a different country entirely for that to happen!! Well yesterday I wore a light coat and my beautiful red flats. It was so great to just be above 15ºC.. it really felt like Spring. This year I shall have a proper easter!!! hurray!

We all love white for the spring right? Its a great look to take to the beach, walk around having ice-cream with big sunglasses and a smile. This new trend is all white, from head to toe. It’s statement white with lots of detail embroidery and lace. Reminds me of the dress I wore after I changed form my wedding dress that was very much like this but quite simple and nice. Of course if you dislike wearing all white, it can cause a lot of attention to be turned into you, you can incorporate some color, use a white top or just a white skirt or dress with some colorful accessories.

So, what do you think of this trend? will you use it during the next season? Let me know all about it!!!














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