Where has spring gone?

Hello dear readers,

I’m not much of complaining about the weather! I do love a sunny day as I love snow and rain and all sorts of weather. Spring started on the 21st of this month, in case you haven’t notice. None of us living in the UK did though.. It’s not usual to snow and to be this cold in Spring time..I remember it wasn’t like this in the last two years I’ve been here. I do love snow, don’t get me wrong..I love the whiteness of it, I love how fluffly it is and how it falls from the sky so pretty and light. I also like to not wear a jacket and gloves and a scarf all time.. but that’s just me being grumpy! i do hope that nice, warmer days will come, so I can start wearing my ballerinas and my blazers on top of dresses. Next week I’m off to Portugal and I’m sure it will be nice weather as it usually is, I miss the food and the people. Easter is such a lovely time to spend there. My mom just bought a new, bigger clay tray for the roast and at my parent’s we have a stone oven that works on wood and everything just tastes divine in there. I’m bringing them Creme eggs from cadbury which they never tried and they don’ sell them in Portugal!! It will be a yummy Easter.






Happy weekend everybody!




17 thoughts on “Where has spring gone?

  1. Well, it’s not snowing in Portugal.. but the rain has been a bit annoying the last few days :/ Hope the sun decides to shine for you!!! have a lovey portuguese easter! 😉

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