Fashion Talk! Weekend goodies!!

Hello dear readers,

Last week I was feeling a bit sad..and spent most of my time working and working and almost didn’t see or speak to anybody. My days were getting boring and I was in need for some sun therapy. I went for a nice walk into town and I got my spirits up and the day was lovely and sunny. I even wore a skirt and all lol. Anyway, boots, as always, was having a 3 for 2 at the Revlon kiosk. Of course I was in need of a pink lipstick, I’ve been experimenting with red ones and i really like them, so I went to look for a full pink color. I found the color burst lip butter which I have in Candy Apple and love – this time i got – Sweet tart ( seems appropriate lol). I was curious about those chunky lip balms that even clinique now has and I wanted to try them. I found a cool color from the Just Bitten Kissable- LoveSick Passionee. Gorgeous color!!! I also needed foundation and i wanted to try the Revlon Photoready…mainly because Emma Stone in on the commercials.. I love Emma Stone. SO I got 3 things and a girl feels happy when she has some colors.. isn’t it right? I feel much better after that walk. Today is nice as well. I’ll tell you all about my goodie pack once I get a change to try everything!!!

Enjoy your weekend!! Any plans? Tell me all about it!!!

CAM00297 copy



P.S. I got these products by myself ( with my own money)and this isn’t a sponsored review. I wanted to try them out and I got them!


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