Happy Valentines!

Hello dear readers,

Sorry for the delay! I hope it’s still time to wish you Happy Valentines day! Some of you might think it’s a corny celebration but I’ve always seen it as a day to celebrate the love between two people and even the love towards their friends and family. Valentines day was always a day I had a nice dinner with my boyfriend, now husband. Sometimes we just cook at home and its just as nice. Although I have to admit that the industry is going crazy all all those heart-shaped boxes of candy, and teddy bears. In college I knew a girl who hated stuffed animals and her boyfriend gave her one for Valentines. Seriously who hates stuffed bears? or any kind of animal? they are cuddly.
Well, this Valentines I couldn’t spend it with my husband because he is back home and I’m here. Don’t worry he will come soon and we will spend our anniversary together which is much more important to us. It snowed the day before Valentines and now it’s 8ºC..the weather has gone mad I tell you!!!!!

Happy Valentines

Hope you enjoyed your day! Tell me all about it!

Happy Valentines




11 thoughts on “Happy Valentines!

      1. It’s funny how you get used to it! But it’s hard to know what to wear when there is such a difference between morning and afternoon! And you just “convinced” me I need new red shoes haha

      2. Yes..every woman needs at least a pair of red shoes..red it in a magazine and when I got mine last year..it makes a whole difference. Completely changes your outfit 🙂 very good investment 🙂

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