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Hello dear readers,

Today is Carnaval. You might have heard about it because of Brazil? those beautiful parades they have with the dancing and the music? Well it all originated from Portugal around 1723 with the portuguese colonies there.

Carnaval has its origins in the holy week, that was introduced in catholicism in the XI century. The holy week was preceded by 40 long days of sacrifice and fast. By that reason on the day before the ‘Lent’ a great party started to be celebrated. It was named ‘Carne Vale’ that represented the withdrawn from the pleasures of the flesh. That word later led to Carnaval. Carnaval became an historical event, with characteristics such as joy and amusement. Today in some places it has no religious significance. Today it is celebrated all over the world in different forms. In Brazil they have the big parades in RIo de Janeiro that are very popular. In Europe we have the Veneza Carnaval with their beautiful elegant masks.
In Portugal, Carnaval has a strong tradition. CHildren all over the country dress up with costumes and go on a parade. They usually paint their faces and for a couple of days wear their masks to school and play around with them. It’s a day of fantasy and roleplaying for them. I remember when I was little I always wanted to be either a princess or a fairy lol.



Loule Carnival Parade















Image source: google images




8 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Carnaval

      1. Yes a little bit Carnival on the school of my girls where someone was dressed up and eating a lot of Carnivals sweet and the birthday of my mother in law where we have to go this afternoon and you my friend ?

      2. Well I’m in the UK and they have Pancake day! I’ll probably have some lol. But if i was in portugal I would go watch the parades 🙂 I just love seeing the little kids dresses up..they look so cute!

      3. Pancake day wow….. how nice, I’m a huge fan of pancakes ! By us every Sunday in another part of the city the held Carnival parades and that for 1 month that means a lot of choice because every parade is from another Carnival association.We’ve just came back from my mother in law and I begin to become fat with all those fresh self baked Carnival delights, have a lovely evening !

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