Makeup for Brown skin!

Hello dear readers,

I got a request from one of my readers to do a post on Makeup for Brown skin. The best makeup for brown skins would be colours from pale beige to rich brown. Dark colors need shades to complement their skin tones.

Foundation: Chose the closest to your skin tone, test it on your wrist. Use foundations and powder compacts according to your colour. If the exact shade you would like is not available then select a shade that is closest to your neck colour and add a little distilled water to make it more translucent.

For dark circles corrector chose one shade lighter than the shade applied on the face. This will make dark circles around the eyes look lighter and will open up and brighten your eyes.

With Lipsticks you can plan around. Just about any color will do, you can be brave with reds and oranges or go brown and chocolate.


For mascara, brown, grey and black do the works.

Eyeshadows you can go for the browns which will complement well your eye color. You can be bold and go for deep blues, forest greens and plums. Also deep greys, cream and gold will work wonderfully.

Eyeshadows for brown skin

Yves Saint Laurent yves saint laurent, £35 / Smashbox eyeshadow, £18 / Sephora Collection , £10 / Smashbox , £21 / Black Pearl Eye Palette

Check out the celebrity gallery for inspiration:


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