Review! Firmoo Glasses

Hello dear readers,

I was contacted in December by Firmoo, a global online optical store. They are having a campaign for bloggers to review their glasses. You can order prescription, non-prescription and even sunglasses from them. You can check their website here. You can also order your free glasses online using this link.
I use prescription glasses since colleague because I have astigmatism, it started out being tired eyesight and it progressed to that. I believe it was the long hours at the computer, sometimes with not enough lighting, and as I am a designer I spend a lot of hours in the computer.. professional hazard. I already have a pair of glasses which I really like from Prada.
Here is a picture of them, the inside is green, although you can’t really see it in this image. I really like them but the black in the frames is starting to fade in some parts, so I really needed an alternative.


Now for the glasses I got from firmoo. I chose a really geeky style, like Zooey Dechanel in New Girl. They are big black frames with red on the sides. The prescription is correct and they feel great, quite light and comfy. You can find them here.



glasses composition

What do you all think? Looking geeky?




7 thoughts on “Review! Firmoo Glasses

  1. AMAZING!!! You look gorgeous, the glasses really suit you and the red is cool!! 🙂 Avril xXx

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