Fashion Talk! Snow boots!!

Hello dear readers,

It’s snowing!! Yes it is and it’s beautiful. Although its just light snow, you can see the grass starting to get white and the windshields of cars starting to get fluffy. Snow means that I can wear my snow boots, which are super cute. I got them in 2010 in the UK. I never had snow boots before and as I walk everywhere I thought it would be a good investment. Turns out it doesn’t snow so much here where I am staying to I only wore them a couple of times. Today I unpacked them again and wore them to my office. I really like them, they are from Crocs and are pearly white.
Did you wear your snow boots this year? Are you a fan?

Here are some pics,

Snow boots

Sorel , £250 / Juicy Couture shoes / Sorel pewter shoes, £110 / Grey shoes, £120 / Merrell boots / Keen Footwear / Khombu shoes, £44 / Rubber boots, £25 / Snow boots Crocs CROCBAND WINTER BOOT Oyster / Oyster – Free Delivery…








12 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Snow boots!!

  1. I have the Joan of Arctic boots from your pic. I wore them to work today too. They’re really nice to walk on snow and ice, but they’re sooo heavy! It’s a workout! I hope yours are not that heavy!

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