Lifestyle! Lunch Bag!

Hello dear readers!

How have you all been? Is the winter treating you well? I’ve been so chilly these days! Today I bring you a great thing I got for my birthday! My parents gave me this lunch box, which is super nice and cute. This lunch box, mine is the pink one ( of course) is from an italian brand called Aldo Mistrali. You can check out their website here.I don’t know if your like me, but I like to pack my lunch and bring it to the office. Around where I work, there isn’t any nice places to eat out, and I want nice healthy alternatives. I was carrying my Tupperware’s on my backpack and it didn’t look nice. This was a very cool alternative, you can carry it like a bag and it has 2 containers inside, a plate and a nice table cloth! It’s very practical and just looks trendy. What do you think? There are different colors and different designs. What’s your favorite?

P.S. This is a non sponsored post about Aldo Mistrali lunch bags. My parents gave this product to me as a gift and I wanted to share this cool brand with you all.




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