Fashion Talk! Snowy Christmas

Hello dear readers,

How have you all been?
We haven’t had snow yet in the NorthWest!! I think I’ll probably leave home for Christmas break, and it won’t have snowed. That is quite alright, although I love snow, I know the best way to get it is over Christmas. When your inside, cuddling up with some hot chocolate with marshmallows, and you can go outside for a while with your family and friends to make snow angels or a snowman. I only did a snow woman once! It was a great experience and it envolved the work of a couple of people, because the snow wasn’t that high!! It was 2010, and the very first year I lived with snow. Before that, I have seen it in the mountains, up north in Portugal, when I was nine years old. It was a beautiful sight and It made me feel magic.
Here are my snowy pictures taken in the UK two years ago. I think it fits in the mood perfectly and they will go so nicely with the snowy Christmas outfit I put together!

ho ho ho Happy Christmas






Snowy Christmas


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