Fashion Talk! Men’s Fashion

Hello readers,

This is a special requested, I was asked to do, by a long time reader of my blog.
I hope this will be of use to my other male readers. Thank you for following, and of course reading my babblings. The premise of this post is simple: how to make a transition from the clothes you would normally wear when you’re ‘carefree’, are in high school or doing your undergrad for example. Informal clothes like: statement colorful t-shirts, plaid colorful shirts, old baggy denim jeans in all shapes, but your own. I’m not saying, get rid of everything, you can keep your favorites to ease in the transition. Give the rest to the Kurt Kobain plaid shirt ‘let’s keep it in the 90’s’ foundation, they’ll much appreciate it, I’m sure. I’m not saying I’m an expert, you know that I’m always the first to say how clueless I get sometimes. This blogging journey has taught me a lot, and I have much to thank my fellow bloggers out there, for both inspiration and research material. Focusing again, on the Men’s Fashion issue. I’ve done a little collage of what I think are some smart casual wear for a young man in his mid-twenties, early thirties, and put together a look.

Men's Fashion

Grey & Blue

Let me know what you all think, specially my male readers, I’d like to hear your opinion, as the topic is all about you today! I’ll do more posts on male fashion soon! Stay tuned!




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