Fashion Talk! Closet

Hello dear readers,

As you all know, it was my birthday last tuesday! I went with my husband to Manchester to spend the day. I’ve been having a birthday tradition since I was a young girl, which I call: ‘Birthday Clothes’. I remember my grandmother always getting me a new outfit to wear on my birthday, it made me feel extra special on that day. Thinking of it, its probably one of the best memories I have of hers. There were years I didn’t get it, but the years that I did, always went a lot better. It didn’t need to be a gift, I sometimes bought it for myself. It’s usually something that makes me smile for some reason, it could be just shoes, or some sort of accessory. As me and my husband got into Debenhams, because it started to rain, I managed to find the loveliest dress there. I never heard of Closet boutique before, it was next to the Dorothy Perkin’s dresses I usually go check out and absolutely love. Closet was founded in 1996, and aims to produce flattering contemporary designs together with classic pieces that transcend seasons. They are designed and made in London. They completely fill my dress type requirements, when I saw the dress on the hanger, I had to try it on, and it’s so much prettier then the picture shows.
I didn’t wear it that evening, when we went out to dinner, but I’m planning on wearing it for Christmas. It’s a lovely flare dress. Check out the images below for a sneak peak at Closet’s collection. I’ll post a look for it soon!




P.S. This is a non-sponsored post. I saw this dress at Debenhams and liked it. I found out more about the brand and decided to do a post on it. Hope you all enjoy it.


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