Let’s talk about…reviews! by Riona

Hello my dear nonfashionistas,

Thank you all for your support! I’m sending you all some big hugs…

Today I wanted to break the ice about reviews with one of my favorites:
Lancôme’s Galatéis Douceur and the tonic that came along in the offer package (:p), Lancôme’s Tonique Douceur.

I have heard and read a lot about how, when and why it is vital for us to remove our make-up and I am sure you have too. I have to be honest with you and admit that I started the ritual of removing my make-up recently. It is true that I discovered make-up when I was 18 and went to college, not because I lacked information but because I refused to use more than a transparent lip-gloss and mascara. However, the make-up fever got me and now I use it everyday. Please don’t think that I put on a daily mask. Nothing like that! Nonetheless, I use foundation, a translucid powder, blush, eyeliner/eye shadow, mostly eyeliner, mascara and a lip-gloss or lip stick. So, I try to keep it simple!

It is true that, even if you use or you do not use make-up, it would be better for your skin to make a habit out of cleaning your face daily, in the morning and at night, before going to bed. But I’m sure that this is not something new for you! I used to clean my face using a normal soap, until I realised that my skin was getting dryer and dryer every day. That’s how I decided to use make-up remover and a tonic. I want to share with you, my dears, a tip, that one of my grandmother’s best friends, who used to work in a circus, told her: put some make-up remover (cleansing solution) in your hands and, by using circular moves apply it on your face. After that, take a cotton pad and just get it wet in some hot water and remove the solution from your face starting with the bottom of your face, including your neck and going up towards your forehead. Afterwards, just rinse your face and wipe it with a cotton towel. Please, don’t forget to use a good face moisturiser! Its like magic! 🙂

As mentioned before I use Lancôme’s Galatéis Douceur. I tried to change it but, somehow, this is the second year I am using it and I am more than satisfied by it. The make-up remover has a gentle texture and keeps the skin hydrated. You can use it for any skin types and even for your eyes and lips. It cleans the skin really well and effortless and it doesn’t leave the skin greasy or dry. I forgot to mention that I have an allergy problem so my skin is very sensitive and trust me this product works perfect with my allergic, extra-sensitive, stubborn skin! The only minus that I found is the price. However, the bottle is big enough and it lasts for a couple of months (approx. 6 months), so if I can make an effort and buy it, it is a good investment.

Moving on to the Tonique Douceur…To be honest, when I bought the make-up remover, the amazing offer included this tonic as well. I have never been convinced about the benefits of using a tonic because I simply cannot seem to notice any difference. Apparently, a tonic is good for balancing yous skin’s PH and allows you not to apply so much serum or moisturizer after it. About Tonique Douceur I cannot say that I love it. All I know is that the combination makes my skin happy! And as long as my skin is happy, I am happy! It is alcohol free, it has a nice floral scent and it does make the skin feel clean, soft and refreshed. Again, the price is a problem but if you can find a good offer, especially now that Christmas is approaching, I suggest you to give it a go!

Hope I helped!

Hugs and kisses my dear friends,


(Please understand that this post is not sponsored by nor it is affiliated to Lancôme or any other companies that collaborate with them. The above stated represent only the author’s opinion based on his/her freedom of expression).


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