Fashion Talk! Bronze, Beige & Grey

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been super busy these past days, back in my home country, organizing, cleaning and assembling my house after the move in. We just got a ‘new’ place and it’s boxes and stuff and boxes and stuff everywhere..I’m going crazy. I haven’t had time to write a longer post or do the Street style feature..unless you what pics of boxes and assorted cutlery lol! I’m sure you don’t lol. As you might have noticed we are welcoming in a new fashion correspondent from Romania called Riona. Please welcome her into Nonfashionista and make her feel at home as she is a very dear friend of mine. I leave you with a winter warm look. Have a great week and Enjoy!!

Bronze, Beige & Grey




15 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Bronze, Beige & Grey

  1. I have made the move from to and I’m sorry to say that my followers did not make the move with me. (something they don’t tell you!) I would like to ask you to come back and re-follow me via email if that’s ok. Sorry for the inconvenience! It’s still
    Hina xx

    1. Hii Dear! This isn’t Riona’s post! The ones by her are signed and on the title it says: by Riona 🙂 Until now Riona has only done one post! She has a lot of ideas for the next ones! 🙂

      1. Hahaha and I didn’t drink again anything, so my complements are going to YOU my friend and then I shall wait for the 2th post of Riona ! Have a beautiful evening Becky ! Xoxo

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