Lifestyle! The Music Room

Hello dear readers,

Today I’m bringing you a wonderful Coffee place in Lancaster, Uk, called ‘The Music Room’. For more information visit their website here. I go there from time to time with my Lancaster friends and it is a lovely place to have good coffee (speciality Artisan Roasted Coffee), tea ( a wonderful selection of the greatest blends) and cake ( yummy beautiful ones). The Music Room was owned by Thomas Atkinson back in 1837. Their aim is to ‘…concoct a Blend of Heritage & Innovation, learning from and enjoying the surviving artefacts and traditions but also following and pushing to find all the latest developments in Tea & Coffee Culture and serving them up for you in the salubrious surroundings of the Music Room’ ( according to their website). I quite enjoy my time there and it has a vintage/modern vibe to it, it’s a very nice place to relax and have a good chat with friends over some tea/coffee or/and cake!


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Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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