Fashion Talk! The Preppy Look

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Today I bring you a flash from the past that has been talked about since 1940, been around since 1902 and is still fashionable these days.
I’m talking about ‘The Preppy look'(think Gossip girl – high school years). As you might know this type of fashion started becoming popular the late 40’s beginning of the 1950’s. Back then the name was attributed to people who were associated with the Ivy League dress code. It was Jacobi Press (a men’s clothier that founded the company ( J Press) back in 1902) and Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothier chain in USA ( circa 1818) who was a fashion designer, that feel in love with the style when he was working at Britches of Georgetown as a teen and studying at Pratt and Parsons) that started to create stores on Ivy League school campuses like Harvard, Princeton and Yale during that time. Other brands such as Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vine and Elizabeth McKay are also considered to have a ‘preppy style’.
Its usually referred to people who favor a style or behavior that’s associated with those preparatory schools. It can also refer to a person who is a student or graduate.

The author of the book ‘Tartan with Banks’, La Chapelle, is an East end Prep that belongs to several clubs in the Hamptons. De La Chapelle states that the word ‘preppy’ first started to be talked about because of the book, then film, Love Story, which author Erich Segal wrote in the seventies ( a must read if you haven’t already).

What was once exclusive to the Ivy Leaguer’s prep schools around the USA is now available to all of us. Those items include for example: chinos, boat shoes, argyle sweaters, madras, bottom down Oxford cloth shirts and Nantucket Reds.

This style although now fairly generalized and popular around the world was made known in the 90’s by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and Luella Bartley.

The preppy style has different connotations in American high schools, for example in the East Coast it refers to the lifestyle associated with Upper-class preps but in most high schools its more about a fashion choice associated with the type of clothes one wears.

Preppy Look

What say ‘you’ about the ‘pretty’ look?

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