Fashion Update! 300 Followers Giveaway!

Hello dear readers,

Just to let you all know I’m thinking of doing a giveway when I reach 300 followers here on wordpress! I know I have more followers then that ( approximately 414 in all networks I’m in) but I’ve decided to believe just the wordpress stats that combines the twitter and blog followers. I’m excluding pinterest, blogloving, facebook likes, instagram and polyvore. I have no way of knowing if they actually read my blog or if they follow me in more then one place. I know there are ways of knowing but I’m too lazy. When that counter there —> reaches 300 we are set to go. Even thought its 414 lol. Confused??
SOOOO I haven’t decided what to get you gals but it will be a non-sponsored, independent giveaway paid totally from my own pocket and open to all countries in the world, like the last time. You can check the post here.
Any suggestions on what you might like as a gift?? 😛




20 thoughts on “Fashion Update! 300 Followers Giveaway!

  1. liked you on facebook and followed you here! makeup products sounds awesome! maybe a red lipstick or a lovely eyeshadow? it’s the thought that counts! and you’re awesome for organising giveaways! 🙂

    1. Hii Dear! I’m thinking that red lipstick from the Kate Moss’s collection for Rimmel! What do you think?? I thought u were already a follower of my blog..from way least I’m following way back..sad face now 😦

      1. I was but i lost all my following list somehow :(( i check your blog on a daily basis even on my phone(your my homepage). you entertain me during class or boring breaks with your awesome sense of style! I’m gonna give you a shoutout on my blog even though i’m not that popular hoping that more ppl will be interested in your giveaway and discover your lovely blog! although that gives me smaller chances to win the awesome lipstick!! well, fingers crossed for me! :)) BIG HUGS

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