Fashion Talk! Camel & Black

Hello dear readers,

How have you all been? How was your week? I’ve had a great one! The weather was even like proper autumn and of course the company was excellent! I don’t wanna be party pooper but.. have you all noticed how cold it’s getting all of a sudden? WINTER IS COMING!!
I put out my crystal ball and predict loads of rain.. I know rain is good for the grass and it makes the fields greens and the animals like to nibble on fresh grass. But.. what about me having to wear my no fun rain coat? I like it of protects me from the wind and rain and its very practical but its not what I wanna wear all autumn and winter. I’d like to submit a petition for acceptable autumn/winter weather! Are you with me? I can then wear my cute blue coat and even go outside more often and meet people..What do you say? Is that too much to ask? Pretty please! I recycle and everything.. well it was worth a go right? Maybe some clouds have heard me and are now heading for Miami or something.
Ignore my venting out about the weather..just ramblings.. Anyhow I put together a Camel and Black look for you all. I hope you all like it!

Camel and Black




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