Lifestyle! Lisbon Summer Memories

Hello dear readers,

It’s time for a bit of reminiscence about the summer time and how lovely it all was. I tend to forget how lucky I am to be able to spend my summers in such a sunny place as Portugal is. Lisbon is close to my heart and it is the city that ‘saw me grow’ but like many children of Lisbon I sometimes only see the bad side of it and often forget what a historic city like ours can offer people. Here are a few things I can think of from the top of my; the food, the places, the beach and river but also and most important part I guess would be – the people.

I’ll start with the food, not because I’m starting to grow an appetite or something (although I wouldn’t mind taking some bites at it) but because it is one of the things people from other countries mention about Lisbon. My friends who visit me say that the food is amazing and there is a lot of variety and all price ranges you can remember. For some amazing portuguese cooking blog check out my friend’s Marmita blog. Also you can find different types of attractions in Lisbon.
We have museums, a castle, good restaurants, good weather, amazing views, historical monuments. Most restaurants and small café’s have tables outside and you can enjoy the company of your friends while you can get a feel of the city and its vibrancy. Good wine and beer is also standard in Portugal, as most restaurants have some sort of house wine or even serve wine/beer at pressure. Modernity and History walk hand in hand in Lisbon, a place that’s becoming quite urban and vibrant.
What started out to be a post about me remembering my summer moments became like an advert to go visit Lisbon lol.. but I must say that if i had never left Portugal to go live in the UK i guess I wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Now that I miss it sometimes makes me wonder and reminisce about what a great thing we got.. so much potential.

Tell me about your city and your thoughts on it!! I’d like to hear from all of you!



(Photo credits to nonfashionista and lemonlee)


16 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Lisbon Summer Memories

    1. Hi dear! I grew up outside Lisbon, in a place called Almada..( very close, across that bridge) it was fun! Of course the capital is always ‘the place’ and I did my undergrad and masters there 🙂

      1. Oh fantastic you’ve done your MA – I really want to do so still, I have my Foundation & BA but still thinking about doing the further step. Where are you based now?

      2. I’m based in Lancaster, UK where I’m doing my PhD..I know..I’m a crazy person lol 🙂 but it’s been fun, it’s in Design Management! 🙂

      3. Fantastic – Design Management a great one. You are an education fore-fronter!! Mine is in Fashion Design & Textiles, Design is the way to go ..xo

      4. Oh thanks! That’s encouraging! I think so as well – Design is the way to go. I would have loved to study fashion design as well 🙂

    1. Thanks darling! You haven’t updated your blog for a while! Last post is from that hiking trip you took! I miss reading it! hugs xoxo

      1. Thanks a lot for missing my post, it’s hard for me that I can’t work because my pc is so messed up that it have to be totally cleaned and I’m not able so I’m depend on others and have to wait ! Hope to be back soon ! Xoxo

    1. Only after submitting to the giveaway I found that it was only US continental..I’m in the UK 😦 So’ll probably need to draw another winner. Hope this doesn’t cause you much upset..Happy to have won actually..even though I didn’t qualify for the giveaway! 🙂 hugs! xoxo

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