Fashion Talk! Mint and Black

Hello dear readers,

My days have been filled with loads of things to do and I’m very happy that this week the rain has finally stop falling! It has been cold, of course, but we have sun! Almost no clouds!! I’ve noticed that one of the most popular search that hits my blog is peplum!
As you might know I did a post on the trend back in March or something. Here is the post again in case you want to read it again. Peplum is a clothing detail that was created by Christian Dior. It consists of a ruffle around the waist and its usually around a piece with a simple cut. This detail has been made popular in the UK by Duchess Katherine Middleton last Fall/winter if I’m not mistaken. This is a trend used a lot in Spring/Summer of 2012 with the pastel and bright colors palette and that continues to be popular in the Fall/Winter 2012/13 collections. I have a Dorothy Perkins dress with a peplum in royal blue thats so elegant and I just adore! Of course one thing we must not forget is that this trend is not very practical for your daily everyday wear, depending on the style of the piece of course, peplum adds a bit of detail a touch of class and elegance. It’s best to wear it with simple pieces so the that the emphasis of your look will be on that rather then something else. I put together a look that has a coat that could be consider ‘peplum inspired’. The mint blouse with the peter pan collar is another trend that came from the S/S 2012. This F/W we will be having a lot of black again, the color that flatters and makes it elegant, why not add a dab of color into your wardrobe with mint or some other fresh color?


Mint & Black




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