Street Style Lisbon!

Hello dear readers,

Another fashion update from Lisbon! The weather is still very much enjoyable and I highly recommend this city! This time we caught our eye on this cool and laid back young man! This part of Lisbon – Chiado is full of hip youngsters, since most hip fashion brands are situated on Gold Street. What can I say, I will really miss Lisbon when i leave next month…




5 thoughts on “Street Style Lisbon!

    1. You should definitely come and visit!!! Well I’m from Lisbon so I usually stay here during the summer..but most year I’m living/studying in the UK for my PhD 🙂 If you come let me know and I’ll give you the royal tour 🙂

      1. awww…so sweet..why wudnt it be nice ? if i got a chance to see lisbon and a blogger friend… having a nice hot coffee..enjoying the view… aww..i wish i can really fly there one day…dear God pls grant this wish!!! 🙂 … thank you my dear

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