Fashion Talk! Fall 2012 Trends!

Hello dear readers,

I don’t mean to be a bummer but summer is almost over 😦 OHHH NOOOOO!!!!!! So here is a sneak peak of what to except from this next season to cheer you all up! I’m like that : bad news, good news!! 😛 I did some research and according to all major runaway shows here are the top trends for next season:

Runway Fall Fashion Trends 2012

Winter White: monochromatic, tailored, low key and sleek pieces.

Sweaters, tweeds and knits : more loose but still structured looks based on Chanel tweed suits and kilt patterns but also hunting/fishing meets the wilderness meets couture.

Leather body con, streamlined and heavy on leather looks.

Fur fur in the necklines fur in the hems..fur fur fur..

Modern Military a modern twist on the ‘old’ military look, more tailored and feminine.

BodyCon Black a classic for all seasons…

To be more specific belts and fitted waists have returned. Curvy dresses and pencil skirts with hemlines from mid knee to below the knee. The super duper girly style from last season is off for now :(. These season dresses are edgier, well fitted, leathery and fury (to sum it up).The color palette is not as inspiring as it was this Spring/Summer (with pastel shades going with all the rainbow colors) and we have the blacks, whites, browns and greys of the usual winter clothes ( a tad boring if you ask me). Burgundy is in again and blue combined with silver and grey!
Metallics remain as well but with a more demure look and specially focused on details and embellishments.

Hope you enjoy my ‘research’! What’s your favorite trend???
I’ll keep you posted as soon as I reviewed the ‘matching’ highstreet look trends!!



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