Fashion Talk! Awards

Hello dear readers,

How have you all been? I’m sorry for the sporadic posts! Most of you ( my long time readers) are used to me posting every other day but this month – August – I’ve been partly working and partly on holidays as well..hard to explain..I know I know. And even so I’ve managed to snatch two more awards 😛 and I thought I was being super lazy with my blog 😛 I guess my reputation precedes me AHAHAHA ( evil laughs).
Another thing I’ve been realizing with my lack of posting is that people who follow and like often go back and start reading my older posts..WHICH IS AMAZING right?? Don’t go too far back though.. I was told my blogging is way better now 😛
SO to bring pending affairs to a close here are the rules of these three awards. The rules are similar so I’m killing two ( three actually) birds with one stone..(hate this expression – I would never kill a bird with a stone..ever..let alone three..I’m a peaceful person in communion with nature – wow I’m so poetic today).

The Beautiful Blogger Award and The Addictive Blogger Award were given to me by the lovely Naomi at ( Different dates and I think month’s but I’ve been so lazy with the awards these days)

– Post seven interesting things about myself.
– Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.
– Let them know about the nomination.

1. I live between UK and Portugal (most year UK)
2. Apparently I look like Lily Collins ( my parents says)
3. I’m currently obsessed with scones..
4. I can run 10k
5. I’m a morning person. I wake up full of need for coffee!
6. I make an awesome Sangria
7. One of my pet peeves are badly closed doors or cupboards

Since my dear friend Ioanna at who nominated me to the other award said that the Super Sweet Blogging award was rules free I’ll just nominate 7 of the blogs I really like who are : ADDICTIVE, BEAUTIFUL and SWEET . Thus being able to include all these 3 awards in one post!!! My highest achievement this month.. (not really no..)


Non 🙂


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