Fashion Talk! 1000 Likes GIVEAWAY!!

Hello dear readers,

Today my blog informed me that I had reached 1000 likes! I decided to celebrate which ever came first. Whether the 1000 likes or the 500 followers.
The 1000 likes came first and I’ve decided to do my very first GIVEAWAY here on nonfashionista.
I’m offering you: The Body Shop – 01 Eye definer shade: Black
What do you think??
Here are the rules to participate:
1) You have to be a follower of my blog; whether it’s on wordpress, twitter or facebook. Wherever you like.
2) You have to share one of your favorite post of mine on one of those social media platforms.
3) Reply to this post saying: “I’d like to participate”, so I’ll know that your interested.

I’ll post the results in two weeks, and the method will be taking names out of a hat!!
And that’s it!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!




17 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! 1000 Likes GIVEAWAY!!

      1. Yesss, I’m 🙂 I’ve left a comment saying I’m in and congrat down there with the name of LemonLee down 😉 and also I’ve twitter my favourite post as well, xx

Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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