Fashion Talk! Colorful Eyelashes!

Hello dear readers,

For those of you who are following this season’s top trends religiously this trend might not be news to you. Even so I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. Big eyelashes are HUGE now and have been in the past as well – a must for most women. Big eyelashes bring out your eyes, intensify your expression and can give you an edge. But I have to ask – are you a fan of fake eyelashes? Do you believe natural is better?? And what do you think about this new trend of colorful eyelashes? Do you think its a fad that won’t last? do you believe it’s appropriate for some events or do you think it’s like regular mascara that you can use to go just about anywhere? Let me know!



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2 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Colorful Eyelashes!

  1. Personally, I love long, thick lashes because they define the eyes and make them appear larger. I wouldn’t go out on a daily basis with fake lashes but they are cool for the night time or a special event! As for coloured mascara, I really believe it is just a trend.. however the deep blue or deep purple colours are something I wouldn’t mind trying out since they aren’t too flashy.

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