Fashion Talk! Summer look!

Hello dear readers,

This week will be very hot around here and I’ve prepared this look for those of you who are lucky enough to live in a warm country. I apologize to my english readers as I know from my UK friends that the weather has been dreadful and some of them are wondering where the british summer is hiding..Well positive thinking..maybe he is just spending his holidays in Algarve where the weather is much nicer..if you look at it its almost an extension of England during the summer right? Well cheer up and close your eyes and imagine its summer if you can’t go outside and feel the heat in your heart!

Green and Pink!




16 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Summer look!

  1. So cute, love the colors! Would love your opinion on my blog! I have a fashion blog, recently did a post on the Olsen Twins. Please follow!
    Thanks 🙂

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