Illuminating Blogger Award!

Hello dear readers,

My blogger friend Shiro awarded me the Illuminating Blogger Award. Check out her amazing blog

For the award I have to share some things 🙂

1. I love seafood!
2. I enjoyed watching the european championship games.
3. When I was young I watched the Eurovision and liked it.
4. I’m a morning person. I wake up full of need for coffee!
5. Like Shiro I love cheese, any type..they are all amazing.
6. I’m a very good badminton player
7. I don’t like roller coasters
8. I prefer a night in with a good movie and a nice meal to a night out clubbing
9. I love the smell of sunscreen and salt water
10. I’d like to visit Italy on my next trip!

I would like to nominate Cynthia at who has the most amazing decorating blog, full of ideas and nice tips.


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