Fashion Talk! My new Cambridge Satchel!!!

Hello dear readers,

This week came with a sweet sweet surprise! Remember the cambridge satchel that my husband ordered for me?? Well it finally arrived and it’s all I dreamed of! It’s beautiful and red and gorgeous! I have the 13” one and it fits my wallet, sunglasses case, all my accessories and even my husband’s wallet that he often asks me to keep in my bag. It looks so good and it’s perfect.. 🙂 It totally worth the whole month wait. The satchel is quite narrow so I advice if you have a lot of stuff to pack with you everyday that you get the 13 inches like me. If you travel light the 11 inches should do fine. There are a lot of nice youtube videos that explain the amount of stuff you can put inside..I is the greatest.
Meanwhile I have to get around and do some walk in about with my new satchel 🙂

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