My style choices! Running Look

Hello dear readers,

Even though the weather is hot..I’ll still have to keep on running! Specially since I’m no longer in my spin classes 😦 The great thing about running it that it’s free and good for you. You get to breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery. I know that a good running outfit works wonders for your motivation so I’ve made this look for us gals. I highly recommend the shock absorber bra if you have big boobies like minimizes the bounce and it’s ideal for running and there are different models and colors. Also if your running in a hot weather I would recommend sunglasses and a hat..also sunscreen is ideal for those nasty sun burns from running without any protection. I find that if I have my tunes I can run faster and stay motivated for longer. Do a playlist of music that makes you want to dance and move your booty. This sunday I’ve started to ‘run’ again.. I’m going to re-started again soon as I want to be in my best bikini shape ever..I do miss spin classes..those are the best for my lazy ties 😛
Enjoy your run!

Running Look




6 thoughts on “My style choices! Running Look

    1. Yeah that’s quite true! As I do like to run I’ve decided to post something on it to inspire others to start running! I know that a good outfit comes a long way 🙂

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