Fashion Talk! Lipsticks reviews!

Hello dear readers,

I got a couple of goodies for my lips to celebrate the summer and I’m going to talk a little bit about them. First there is the citrus slice color sensational popsticks from Maybelline, I just love the taste and smell so citrus fresh. The color is very soft and it’s hardly noticeable but it gives you a nice hydratation. It did break..:( which was quite unfortunate and I advise you to be careful with it specially if it’s very hot. The whole packaging is quite attractive, still if you want a strong color don’t get it. Also Revlon Color Burst – Lip Butter 035 Apple Candy. I quite like it..the color is strong and very beautiful, the hydratation is good. And now for a lip tint: I was quite happy with lipfinity from max factor until it dried out quite quickly.. I was very sad..I still don’t know what happened..just after 3 applications it totally dried out..I wasn’t very happy and quite fearful to get another one. I got Maybelline color sensational in shy red. The smell and taste is very good! And the color is very nice!!!!! Also let me know if there are any lipsticks, color tints, lip balms or lip butters that you’d like me to review 🙂
I hope these were helpful for you!!

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