Fashion Talk! Sequins and Metallics!

Hello dear readers,

Inspired by my latest Flapper Look I’ve decided to do a post on one of the ‘latest’ trends : the sequins and metallics. When I say metallics I say gold, silver and bronzer colors. Many designers used these shaded in their 2012 collections, they give a nice sense of texture to any pieces. I give you these shorts by TopShop but there are many alternatives out there.
I would say this is not one of mt favorite trends as I’m more of a classic style kind of girl. Gold and silver pieces create richness and playful elegance while putting a fresh spin on more timeless looks. Some advices while using these trends:

– Keep accessories to a minimum – Don’t forget that golds, metallics and sequins are very strong pieces and you don’t want to do to much with accessories.

– Combine them with simpler and neutral pieces of clothes. By using neutral colors you balance out the metallics and still look on trend.

Sequins and Metallics




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