Fashion Talk! MTV Movie Awards 2012

Hello dear readers,

Here goes another fashion updates from the MTV movie awards. A more relaxed laid back award show but still red carpet material. As you know the The Hunger Games was one of the big winners. Jennifer Lawrence won best female performance and Josh Hitcherson best male performance, also for Elisabeth Banks – best on-screen transformation. The cast of Harry Potter won best Hero and Best Cast. Twilight won best kiss and movie of the year ( err…).Bridesmaids talented actress Melissa McCarthy won Best Comedic Performance, while the cast won Best Gut-Wrenching Performance. Emma Stone was awarded the Trailblazer award. Even Johnny Depp joined rock band The Black Keys for a special rendition of Gold On The Ceiling before he collected the Generation Award. Russell Brand was the host, and ended by wishing Queen Elizabeth II well on her Diamond Jubilee.
Hope you all enjoy the pics! What’s best dressed and worst dresses in your opinion?? Any thoughts? 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! MTV Movie Awards 2012

  1. Hi, I liked for best the girl with the white dress so simple and chic and the worst was the dreadful gold one, it looked like a gold potato bag ! I was enjoyed watching all these v.i.p.s. !

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