Fashion Talk! Airport Look!

Hello dear readers,

This week has been super super busy for me. The days were timed to the minute and I guess it’s like that for everyone who is going to travel. I’m returning home for the summer which is always a delight for me. Can’t wait to get to the balmy temperature in Lisbon! Here is a look that’s easy yo wear to the airport. I would probably lose the belt as they make you take it off. Flats are a must as they are easy and confortable. The clothes itself are still very stylish but they are light and fresh and I recommend shorts or a loose skirt of jeans..depending of course on the amount of hours you are going to travel. Also it’s recommended that you hydrate a lot and don’t drink alcool as it makes you dehydrate. Any other tips you can remember? Please let me know 🙂

Airport Look!



P.S. When I post again I’ll be in a different excited 🙂


10 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Airport Look!

  1. If it’s having to sit on your butt for 13 hours in my case, I should probably just wear pajamas haha! But you’re right, a loose skirt because it does get tight on the plane! As for the jacket thing… I don’t really know. I hate having to take it off :/ I’ll just go with a sweater 😀

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