My style choices! Orange and Mint!

Hello dear readers,

It has been a gloomy couple of days..some covered sun…mostly clouds..nothing that inspires me to say: Hello Spring! And that ladies and gentleman was the forecast for this week ( no no just joking..). Anyway today I have a barbecue in the afternoon, I hope the weather will open up otherwise we will be trying to capture our food (yet again) as it might fly away because of the wind!!!! This look I bring you is for the Summer and it has all the trendy colors and silhouettes. The tangerine or mandarim orange which has become quite popular this season and in contrast the mint blue which is so fresh and springy!! Also the dress has the lace factor going for’s strapless. How do you girls feel about strapless? I wore a strapless dress for my wedding last year and that was about the only strapless dress I wore my whole life..not that I dislike them..I just believe that other shapes flatter me more I guess. I’m a big fan of v neck dresses that have a cute little sleeve that only covers the tip of the shoulder..I know I know..girly style 😛 Tell me what you think of this dress from Oscar de la Renta 🙂

Mint and Orange!




15 thoughts on “My style choices! Orange and Mint!

  1. I actually dislike strapless a lot. It makes me feel like it might fall off if I move about too much haha! But I love how it looks on me nonetheless. Why not? I’m sure it looks great on you! 🙂 And that dress is just outstanding. I’d wear it, but only if I had a jacket over it because I’m conservative like that 😀

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