Fashion Talk! Big Eyebrows!

Hello dear readers,

How do you feel about this new trend of thick big eyebrows??? Mine are like that but I’ve spent my young days plucking them to make them look presentable!!! I always thought that too much eyebrow would make me look like a wearwolf lol. My mom says I look like that actress Lilly Collins, from Snow White ( now you can place a face in me, lol). Can you imagine she sent me an email with her picture saying she saw it at yahoo news ( yeah she still uses yahoo). I must say it must be the eyebrows.. although I trim my more 😛
People also say that if you trim too much they won’t grow back..well mine are always growing..either I have high quality eyebrows ( or not so great depending on the perspective) I have to pluck them every other week just to keep up with the brow arch. But now it’s time to go back to ‘Audrey vs Frida’ time, with a modern take on full brows that shows your natural beauty.
Big thick eyebrows are coming back and that can bring a lot of strength to your face, believe me, I know eyes and brows can overpower it, if your not wise with makeup. I have a lot of chinese friends who are tinting them at brow bars so they’ll have more definition..they also get fake eyelashes. I don’t need either of those..when I put mascara on I look like i got punched in the eye..I find myself taking off part of it from the brush so it doesn’t look like a spider web lol. Some women are painting them fuller with pencil..some do a good work and you can’t tell the difference and others look like something is wrong.. I’m all in favor of being yourself but use a pencil that matches your brow color so it makes it more harmonious!

Remember the days where thin eyebrows were the norm? I remember my grandmother shaved hers and drew a pencil line really thin in her young days.. I couldn’t do that..I would miss my eyebrows! How about you?
In the Harper’s Bazaar Report they say: “Big, bold brows can really ‘make’ a face by framing the eyes and providing a focal point, fuller brows are associated with youth, so it’s a great option for anyone trying to take a few years off their face.”

This 1980s revival is much more glam and more natural then the one in the 80’s so don’t forget to be true to your eyebrow shape and find what suits best for your face and shape. It’s always good to consult a professional before you go all crazy with the tweezers!!!

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9 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Big Eyebrows!

  1. I’m growing mine ! :)) I want them a little bit thicker to make my eyes pop! I’m more keen on experimenting since it’s summer and I don’t feel like looking perfect every day! And highschool is over!:)) I love the ones of that girl that played in “the descendants” !!!I have a girl crush on her! Gorge!!!

    1. Oh that movie was amazing! 🙂 I don’t remember her having thick eyebrows..was that his daughter?? Your finishing highschool!! your so young! Congrats! Are you continuing to undergrad studies?? 🙂

      1. Ofcourse! I’m gonna study English! 🙂 And yes,that was his daughter! Really really pretty!

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